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What is anaerobic combustion?

Anaerobic reactions are such reactions that do not require air  in order to occur. Anaerobic combustion would be something burning  without ambient oxygen. Traditional examp (MORE)
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What is obligate anaerobe and faculative anaerobe?

  A faculative anaerobe (or faculative bacteria) is an organism that can grow in either the presence or absence of oxygen. It does not require O2 to grow but it does toler (MORE)

What is strict anaerobic organism?

Is an organism that does not need oxygen to survive and grow - it would possibly die with the introduction of oxygen for example: Clostridium Perfringens. Alex
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Anaerobic catabolism of organic nutrients is called?

Anaerobic catabolism of organic nutrients is called fermentation.  The process takes place in the absence of oxygen and metabolizes  sugar to acids, gases, or alcohol.
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Is candida albicans aerobic or anaerobic?

It is a facultative anaerobe and therefore it can grow in both environments. The difference is not only the amount of oxygen but also the other types of nutrients that are nee (MORE)
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What is anaerobic exercise?

A brief burst of intense exercise.   any physical activity that is short, explosive, and depends solely  on the energy that is stored in a muscle and not on oxygen intake (MORE)

Were the first true cells anaerobic?

Yes. From our lectures, it was discussed that the first true cells were protozoans that lives anaerobically. Oxygen is literally a poison to them.
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Anaerobic organism examples?

An anaerobic organism or anaerobe is any organism that does not  require oxygen for growth. Examples are gut flora, skin flora, and  bacterial disease.

Is softball anaerobic?

yes, softball is an anaerobic activity.   softball is a sport where you just run short distances.   you just have to sprint to the base or to catch the ball.   as (MORE)