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What is an anagram server?

    an anagram server is an internet site where you type in a phrase or word, for example   INTERNET ANAGRAM SERVER   and then come words or phrases that can be (MORE)

What is the anagram for rod's tie?

There are various anagrams of the phrase "rod's tie". The possible anagrams are: . Editors . Sortied . Steroid . Storied . Triodes
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What is an anagram for asleep?

Some anagrams for the word asleep are: . Elapse . Please . Spa Lee . Pal see . Alp see . Lap see
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What is Hannah as an anagram?

The only anagram of the name Hannah is Hannah. You can spell the  shorter words a or an. Also the interjections ah, aha, ha, hah, or  nah, as well as the proper nouns Ann an (MORE)

What is an example of anagram?

Some examples are: apt - pat - tap ate - eat - tea boy - yob but - tub care - race dog - god east - seat - teas flog - golf form - from gal - lag gel - leg (MORE)

What are some anagrams?

Anagrams are made by rearranging the letters of a word to spell a completely different word. Torchwood is an anagram of Doctor Who. That is the most interesting one I know. (MORE)

What is neat grain an anagram for?

The phrase "neat grain" is not an anagram for a single word. The longest possible words are aerating and anearing.
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What is an anagram for makayla?

An anagram of Makalya is yamalka (a Jewish headpiece). If you allow spaces in the anagram, an anagram could be "A Yak Lam", which would be the fleeing of a yak (a yak is a do (MORE)