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What is analytical chemistry?

A branch of chemistry that deals with the identification of compounds and mixtures or the determination of the proportions of the constituents quantitative analysis.   Ana (MORE)
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What are examples of analytical Chemistry?

Measuring Chemicals, organizing data, creating lab reports on......    a.) analyzing pH level in a fih tank   b.) analyzing blood pressure or sugar in blood   c (MORE)

In analytical chemistry what is mean by blank?

  A blank is a sample in which you will find none of the analyte you're looking for in your samples. For example, simple deionized water is often used as a blank when anal (MORE)

Quality Analytical Chemistry Courses

Analytical chemistry is the practice of determining which chemicals are present in a particular type of matter, and measuring how much of each chemical is present. The work of (MORE)

Analyze This: Basics of Analytical Chemistry

Analytical chemistry is not for the faint of heart. A study focused primarily on making quantitative measurements, it requires a sweeping knowledge of the various sciences. At (MORE)

Explaining Analytical Chemistry

Many substances found in the world are complex, intricate, and difficult to understand. Oftentimes, it can be easier to solve a complicated problem by breaking the problem dow (MORE)