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What does analyze mean?

To examine methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. Study, observe and consider. . analyze means critique something or point of view
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What is analyze?

1. to separate (a material or abstract entity) into constituentparts or elements; determine the elements or essentialfeatures of ( opposed to synthesize ): to analyze anargu (MORE)

What is 3D analyze?

3D Analyze is a software to emulate various 3D graphics such as shader 2.0 technology. It has several options to emulate but is currently a very outdated software. Many find i (MORE)
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How do you analyze?

To analyze is to examine an object or subject methodically and ingreat detail. Typically, the constitution or structure of theobject being is analyzed is broken down, and the (MORE)
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What is analyzing requirements?

when I plug in my pen drive to the computer and when i unplug the pen drive to the computer , how to know? . When i plug in my pen drive it is not showing any signs of an (MORE)

How do you analyze thorium?

1. Emission optical spectrography 2. ICP mass spectrometry 3. Atomic absorption spectrophotometry 4. Gravimetry 5. Volumetry/Potentiometry 6. ICP atomic spectrometry (MORE)
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Why do you analyze poems?

Since the question is "Why" and not "How," it would be to understand what the poem's author is trying to say because many of the words or actions described or used in the poem (MORE)

What is Analyzed?

Something that has been studied carefully in order to undertand and to name its properties. Also it is the past tense of the verb "To analyze"