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What is analyze?

1. to separate (a material or abstract entity) into constituentparts or elements; determine the elements or essentialfeatures of ( opposed to synthesize ): to analyze anargu (MORE)
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How do you analyze?

To analyze is to examine an object or subject methodically and ingreat detail. Typically, the constitution or structure of theobject being is analyzed is broken down, and the (MORE)
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What is the difference between analyze and analyze?

Analyse is just the non-United States English (UK English) way to spell analyze, which is the United States English way of spelling it. There is no difference otherwise.
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What is system analyze?

A set of components that simply interact to does some work is known as system. OR we can say that system is an organized relationship among among functioning units is ca (MORE)
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What is a sentence for analyzing?

Example sentence - We are currently analyzing the information and will publish a report of our findings at the end of the month.
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How can you analyze a poetry?

There are many approaches in analyzing poetry. Basically, you are trying to show how the poet writes poetry. Analyze syntax: talk about the methods used in the poem such as se (MORE)
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How do you analyze a program?

Assuming you're meaning to check if the program works - run it with some test data that you know what the solution should be be if the program works correctly. If you get th (MORE)
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Why do you analyze info?

You analyse information so you can understand it and make sensible choices about it. Should you buy it, believe it or should you delete it? It's your choice but you need to re (MORE)
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How do you analyze prose?

Well.. there are different approaches to analysing prose. But this is how I approach prose: 1. The first thing I consider is whether the extract is in first person, third per (MORE)
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What is Analyzed?

Something that has been studied carefully in order to undertand and to name its properties. Also it is the past tense of the verb "To analyze"