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What is a Neo-anarchist?

The phrase comes from this article: According to the person who wrote it, neo-anarchist is what we should really call many of (MORE)
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What countries are anarchist?

Somalia has no current government, but so far no other countries in the world have anarchist governments.... yet. (Somalia is not considered anarchist.)
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Who were the anarchists?

Anarchists believed governments and laws are not necessary and holdthat countries that are self governed are best. They rebel againstauthority. The State is considered undesir (MORE)
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What is the anarchist cookbook?

It is a book that was around about 1971 that gave instructions on how to make weapons, explosives, etc, all in the safety of your home. Most things could be made with simple h (MORE)
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What are Anarchists?

Anarchists hold different views as to the economic and legal organisation of society; some favour collectivist anarchism, anarcho-syndicalism or participatory economics while (MORE)
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Are anarchists satanists?

No, anarchists believe in no government, just living on honor. Satanist believe in them selfs, a self worship so to say.
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Are skaters anarchist?

Skaters are people who skate; there is not any inherent connection between the activity of skateboarding and any political or social belief.. An anarchist is someone opposed (MORE)
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Is it bad to be an anarchist?

Of course not. An anarchist is someone who believes in mutual respect in order to achieve a self-determinant and free society. Those who think anarchism is bad are often confu (MORE)
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What is the symbol for anarchist?

The universal sign for anarchist consists of an exaggeratedly drawn A with a circle drawn around it.
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Can Christians be anarchist?

No. In Romans, Chapter 13, Christians are commanded to submit themselves to Governments, as they are instituted by God. Romans 13:1 Everyone must submit himself to the govern (MORE)