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What is billroth i anastomosis?

An operation where a portion of the lower stomach (pylorus) is removed. The remaining portion of the stomach is then connected to the duodenum (first part of the small intesti ( Full Answer )
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How do you perform an anastomosis?

For example in dialysis, a shunt is made where an artery and a vein are joined together, usually around the wrist area. Student Doctor.
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What is arterial anastomosis?

A roughly circular that is located at the base of the brain and formed by the anterior ( Full Answer )
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Function of an anastomosis?

it is important especially in joints where joint movements can impede major arterial channels to supply blood to the joint, therefore anastomosis helps to insure blood flow. B ( Full Answer )
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What is primary anastomosis?

In surgery, primary anastomosis refers to the procedure in which a proximal part of the bowel is connected to a distal part. Primary anastomosis is usually done following su ( Full Answer )
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What is an ileocolic anastomosis?

Ileocolic anastomosis is a type of procedure used to connect twostructures in the digestive tract, more specifically the colon andileum. It is commonly done on patients that h ( Full Answer )
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What is ileoanal anastomosis?

Ileoanal anastomosis is a surgical procedure in which the large intestine is bypassed and the lower portion of the small intestine is directly attached to the anal canal.
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What is an ileoanla anastomosis?

An ileoanal anastomosis is a procedure in which the surgeon forms a pouch out of tissue from the ileum and connects it directly to the anal canal.
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What is rectal anastomosis?

During a rectal resection, the surgeon removes the diseased or perforated portion of the rectum. If the diseased or damaged section is not very large, the separated ends are r ( Full Answer )
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What is an ileocolonic anastomosis?

I had surgery for colon cancer last year and the juntion of what's left of my colon and the exit from my small intestine is an ileo-colonoc anastomosis.