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What does anathema mean?

An anathema is something ( or somebody) greatly hated or avoided.e.g. The idea of evolution by natural selection is an anathema to the Creationists. . In the interest of f ( Full Answer )
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Anathema in a sentence?

"The words "your grand father has past away" were anathema to the little girl." Absolutely awful example, because "past" is not a verb, it's a noun, as in "the distant past". ( Full Answer )
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Sentence for anathema?

An anathema is an object of loathing. An example sentence would be:She was his anathema at that time of his life.
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A sentence with a word anathema?

"The plague that swept through the village acted as an anathema upon the local people." If you're looking for a definition, though, it means something that is deeply evil ( ( Full Answer )
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Where is Anathema from?

Offhand, I know of five bands who've used that name, from the UK, Finland, Italy, and two from the United States. The one you're probably thinking of is the one from the UK - ( Full Answer )
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Does anathema worship devil?

A person who worships the devil is a Satanist. An anathema can be any thing or person that someone detests and decides is his or her anathema. One person's anathema might be a ( Full Answer )
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What does Anathema Maranatha mean in the Bible?

"Anathama" means "cursed". "Marana tha" means "Come, our Lord!" They should not be spoken as one sentence; they really belong in two separate paragraphs.
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Why is religion anathema to Richard Dawkins?

As a scientist, Richard Dawkins is strongly of the opinion that ones beliefs should be based on evidence of what is true, and that to believe something without evidence is foo ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Anathema - 2003?

The cast of Anathema - 2003 includes: Dorothy Brodesser as Motel Manager Marc Carver as Peter the Prestidigitator Hillary Clarke as Surreal Theater Troupe Member Courtney Cron ( Full Answer )