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Was Anaxagoras a monist?

The ancient Greek philosopher Anaxagoras (circa 510-428 BC/BCE) wasnot a monist. Although his viewpoint seemed to include notions ofthe intermingling and basic unity of ordina (MORE)

What did Anaxagoras do?

There were two famous people in history called Anaxagoras.. In Greek mythology Anaxagoras was king of Argos. The king accidentaly injured a Dryad who then cursed the kings so (MORE)

What is Anaxagoras famous for?

Anaxagoras Anaxagoras was born in Clazomenae in Asia Minor. His life was sometimes great and sometimes hurtful, Anaxagoras learnt about the new educations that were tak (MORE)

What did anaxagoras invent?

He paved the way of atomic theory; in his theory regarded material substance as an infinite multitude of imperishable primary elements, referring all generation and disappeara (MORE)