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What is the meaning of Whisper And A clamour by Anberlin?

This song is challenging fans to find the deeper meaning behind Anberlin's songs. In an interview with Tooth and Nail, Stephen Christian explains the meaning behind this song. (MORE)

Who is the lead singer of Anberlin?

Stephen Christian is the lead singer of the Christian rock band Anberlin. Anberlin is an alternative rock band. The lead singer is Stephen Christian, a 32 year old born in Ka (MORE)

Where did Anberlin get their name?

The actual origin of the name Anberlin is unclear. In multiple interviews, Stephen Christian (the lead singer of Anberlin) has dictated different origins for the name Anberlin (MORE)

Is Anberlin a Christian band?

The members of Anberlin are all Christians, and are signed on to a Christian record label, but they do not classify themselves as "A Christian Band". When touring with Fall Ou (MORE)

Is the lead singer of Anberlin Asian?

He doesn't really look it...and there's nothing hinting towards it in his name so I'd say no. If he is then its most likely not a large percentage at all. Hope this helps