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Do Catholic Ancestors worship?

Catholics worship God alone as our Creator and Savior.. Our parents and other ancestors we love and revere after their deaths as we did during their lives here on earth. Afte (MORE)

What is ancestor worship?

Ancestor worship refers to the worship of one ancestors as the term suggests. It was, and perhaps still is believed that ones deceased ancestors will act on your behalf in com (MORE)

What is a symbol of ancestor worship?

Just an idea! Across the road to the countryside in Vietnam, especially around the mekong delta we still can see several ancestral graves amidst the green rice paddy fields (MORE)

Do Catholics worship their ancestors?

Catholics do not worship their ancestors. They do remember, pray for, if appropriate, honor their ancestors. Worship is reserved for God, his son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit; t (MORE)

How did ancient Romans worship their ancestors?

The ancient Romans did not exactly worship their ancestors as much as honoring them. They had special festivals in which honor was paid to their ancestors. If the ancestor was (MORE)