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What is the opposite of ancestor?

The opposite of an ancestor would be a descendant. (Your ancestors are your progenitors, while your offspring and their offspring are your descendants.) The opposite of an anc (MORE)
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Who are your ancestors?

Your ancestors are all of the people from whom you are "descended" : your parents, their parents, their parents' parents, and so forth back through the generations. Because ea (MORE)

What is worship?

  Worship has various forms, but basically it is the way one expresses love and adoration to one's God.It can be through music, dance, silent communing of the soul, and it (MORE)

What is common ancestors?

Common ancestors are the ancestors you and a relative of yours have in common. For example, your first cousin and you have the same grandparents. The grandparents are your and (MORE)

Who were the ancestors of Jesus?

Another answer from our community:    The Bible tells us in Matthew Chapter 1 the entire lineage of  Jesus. This was very important because the prophecies about who th (MORE)

What is the ancestor of mitochondria?

One hypothesis is that mitochondria are "swallowed" bacteria that were not digested but instead incorporated into the cell as a symbiont (helper). Mitochondria have a membrane (MORE)

Who was the ancestors of the Greeks?

Depends on the period of Greek civilization. The earliest Greeks on record were the Achaeans and Danaans. Pylos, Athens, certain Boeotian states were all major Mycenaean state (MORE)