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What is a cement anchor?

  A cement anchor is a general term to describe a fastner that is attached to concrete. Common concrete anchors have a lead tip that mushrooms and "grabs" the concrete. Us (MORE)

What is anchor investors?

An Anchor Investor is the first investor in any round, that provides subsequent investors a degree of confidence. Until you have the first investor, no body wants to be the fi (MORE)
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What is career anchor?

  Your 'career anchor' is what really drives you at work. It is a mixture of your motives, values and how you see your own personal competence. An American academic called (MORE)

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What is a dermal anchor?

A dermal anchor is a small piece of jewelry designed to be inserted into the body and is held or "anchored" in place by the surface tissue "dermal" around it. These implants n (MORE)
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Why is the chief's anchor fouled?

There is no historical or traditional significance to the fouled anchor insignia. The fouled anchor (a line, chain, or rope wrapped around an anchor) got its start as a naval (MORE)

What is an anchor?

An anchor is a heavy object from a ship attached to along length of  chain to hold the ship in one place.
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What does love is your anchor mean?

Well in Christianity it is part of a metaphor that life is like the sea and you are a boat, when a storm comes along your love for God can keep you anchored in place ( to be s (MORE)

How are anchors used in an essay?

The word "anchor" when used in a writing sense, means something (action or emotionally tieing your audience) used to keep your reader and/or audience "anchored" to the story; (MORE)
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What is a rock anchor?

In rock climbing, a rock anchor is a system by which a rock climbing will build protection to which he can fix his rope so as to protect him in the event of a fall. Rock ancho (MORE)