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Who are the cast in anchorman?

The cast includes: Will Ferrell- Ron Burgundy David Koechner-Champ Kind Paul Rudd- Brian Fantana Steve Carell-Brick Tamland Christina Applegate- Veronica Corningstone Pea (MORE)

How do you spell burgundy?

That is the correct spelling of the color or the wine, "burgundy" (from the Burgundy region of France).
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What is the anchorman in the us naval academy?

The "anchorman" is the Midshipman in each graduating class who finishes dead last in the class, ranked by "order of merit," which is determined by a weighted computation of ac (MORE)

What colors match burgundy?

One color that matches burgundy is green more specifically hunter  green. Violets and reds also go well with burgundy as they sit  right next to each other on the color whee (MORE)
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What colors make burgundy?

  Answer   if you're mixing paint, i would start with a warm red, add a bit of warm, deep blue, and then, if you need to darken, add a tiny bit of true (MORE)

What type of a dog is in the movie 'Anchorman'?

The trainer for the movie said the dog was a terrier mix. The dog's  name is Quince. His name in the movie was Baxter.
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