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What are predators of anchovies?

Would Not Want To Be An Anchovy . \nThe anchovy is a good food source for almost every predatory fish in its environment, including the California halibut, rock fish, yello ( Full Answer )
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What would you do with an anchovy?

Anchovies add a distinctive flavor to foods. They can be used in many ways as an ingredient in a dish or as a topping as with pizza. Anchovies are one of the main flavors in C ( Full Answer )
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Is an anchovy a mammal?

No. An anchovy is a small fish. There are mammals about as small: the pygmy shrews and thebumblebee bats. However, fish are not warm-blooded, and they do notnurse their young. ( Full Answer )
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Where do you get anchovies on RuneScape?

First of all, you need to have a fishing level of at least 5. You use a small fishing net and go to a fishing spot. When you right-click it, it should say "net fishing spot". ( Full Answer )
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Do anchovies expire?

Yes, but if you store canned anchovies properly in a cool and dryenvironment, they will last a long time. Check the expiration dateor "sell by" date for more guidance on how l ( Full Answer )
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Are anchovies hairy?

Anchovies have fish bones that appear like little hairs on the fish. They are harmless, as your stomach acid will dissolve them.
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Are anchovies kosher?

All fish are kosher except for those that do not have both fins and scales, such as lampreys. Whales and dolphins - which are of course mammals and not fish - are treif (no ( Full Answer )
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Can you freeze fresh anchovies?

I froze some canned anchovies, maybe as long as a few months ago. I put them in a small zip lock plastic bag in the door of my freezer. I pulled them out to use them, but wasn ( Full Answer )