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What is DVD-R?

A DVD-R is a DVD disc that allows you to put your own information onto it. The -R in DVD-R means "recordable." Unlike a DVD you get from the video store, DVD-Rs are blank to b (MORE)

What is solkor r?

  solkor r is a form of unit (cable, switch, transformer etc) protection for high voltage systems and works by sensing a voltage inbalance between either end of the unit ( (MORE)
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What is R in Elizabeth R?

The R in Elizabeth R means Regina or Queen in Latin If it were a male such as Henry VIII he would have signed his name Henricius Rex or Henry the King. Both Rex and Regina wer (MORE)
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What is genotype and phenotype of R and r?

Capitals are generally used to denote the dominant trait. In homozygous dominant individuals, genotype RR, the phenotype will be R. In homozygous recessive individuals, genoty (MORE)
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What is R-CH3?

R-CH3 is an organic composite obtained starting from methane (CH4) and substituting one of the hydrogen atoms with an organic radical, generally indicated with R. Frequently t (MORE)
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What is R in chemistry?

In organic chemistry R means hydrocarbon Alkyl group, such as methly, ethyl, propyl, butyl, (straight or branched chains) or possibly rings such as cycloalkyl, In physical che (MORE)

Why R-O-R is polar?

Element R takes a slightly positive charge, while O takes and  negative charge.  The charge on O is twice R therefore you need two R's to balance  R2O.  Because the R's ar (MORE)
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Which is r?

All lines of longitude run from North pole to South pole, and are  all the same length.
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