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What kind of religion did ancient egyptians have?

It was polytheistic, which means they worshiped many gods and goddesses. It is perhaps one of the most confusing ancient religions, because they believed their gods played dif (MORE)

How did religion affect the Ancient Egyptian daily life?

The religion of the Ancient Egyptians affected their daily lives through the belief that floods, drought, and successful harvests were caused by the gods and goddesses. As a r (MORE)

What is the name of an ancient Egyptian religion?

The name of the ancient Egyptian faith was Kemetic. There wasseveral hundred gods and goddesses. The most important out of themall was Ma`at. She was the goddess of order, bal (MORE)

What role did religion play in the lives of the Ancient Egyptians?

The role religion took in the lives of Egyptians was that if they did not pray or do rituals they would be punished. if they did something good and prayed they believed they w (MORE)

What did the mummies have to do with ancient Egyptians' religion?

The ancient Egyptians thought that even after death, people had an afterlife. So they mummified their bodies after they died and prepped their tombs for a good afterlife. They (MORE)