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How did the Greek gods affect the ancient Greeks?

Well, the Greeks believed that everything that happened to them was because a God or Goddess chose it to. Deities(gods) were a big part of Greeks lives because they believed t (MORE)

Did the ancient Greeks have shops?

Some ancient Greeks had shops mainly in their central market place (the Agora) where they sold any items they did not want. The Agora is a marketplace/ meeting place where a l (MORE)

Why was trade important to the ancient greeks?

Trade was very important to the Ancient Greeks because the only real thing that could bring money into Ancient Greece would be olives and olive oil (and sometimes wool) but wi (MORE)

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What were ancient greek coins made out of?

Ancient Greek Coins were usually made out of Silver. They were put into Iron molds to be shaped though. Each city state had a different symbol on their coin, though. For examp (MORE)

Were the ancient Greeks superstitious?

Ancient Greeks were very superstitious and a number of  superstitions still in effect today come from them. These include  â??The Evil Eyeâ??, random bad luck that can str (MORE)