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What plants did Ancient Greeks trade?

well, olives for one thing. they were a huge producer of olives, which, by the way, were a gift to the people of Athens from Athena when she and Poseidon were fighting over th (MORE)

Who did the ancient Greeks associate with the pomegranate?

The ancient Greeks associated the pomegranate with Persephone, the wife of Hades and daughter of Demeter. Supposedly, she ate six pomegranate seeds from the underworld, and no (MORE)

How did the Greek gods affect the ancient Greeks?

Well, the Greeks believed that everything that happened to them was because a God or Goddess chose it to. Deities(gods) were a big part of Greeks lives because they believed t (MORE)

What were Ancient Greek weapons made of?

most weapons were made of bronze or copper up until 100 BCE when  they started to make weapons out of iron.   The ancient primary Greek weapons like The Dory was made up (MORE)

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Who where the ancient Greeks?

The ancient Greeks were citizens living in Greek city-state.It had its Greek civilization. -Greek civilization start:It was developed around the Aegean region in about 3000B (MORE)

What were the ancient Greek swords made out of?

During the bronze age, they were made of bronze. During the irong age, swords tended to be made of iron and armor often continued to be made of bronze, if the people using arm (MORE)
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