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Who judged the ancient olympic games?

Unlike how our Olympics are today, judges did not come from all over. They were drawn from Elis, the local region which included Olympia. The number of judges increased to 10 (MORE)

Why did the ancient greek have the Olympic games?

The wanted to celebrate the god Zeus and show off their bodies because that was a very valued part of life. They believed that since the gods have given them these bodies, the (MORE)

Who participated in the olympic games in ancient Greece?

The answer is really really old people man and Rigers is one of them . Zain in 5A has a higher score than Qasim who boasted about how good he was so shame and Omar your my fav (MORE)

What activities were there in the Ancient Roman olympic games?

There were no Roman Olympic Games. The Olympic Games were part of Greek religion.   THE ANCIENT GREEK OLYMPIC EVENTS   The Olympic events were held in the stadium and (MORE)

Why did the ancient olympic games cease to exist?

A widely accepted view is that ancient Olympics started to take  place in 776 BC at the sanctuary of Zeus in Olympia, Greece.  However, as the Romans gained ground in Greece (MORE)

When were the ancient olympic games invented?

Nobody knows exactly when the Olympic Games began, but we do know where-- in Olympia, a city in ancient Greece. The first written mention that we know about comes from 776 BCE (MORE)