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What do hipsters wear?

Hipsters are usually logo exiles so they don't wear brands and especially not name brands. They typically wear very vintage clothing and shop mainly at thrift stores. Tight, d (MORE)

What is nativism?

Nativism is an extreme dislike for immigrants by native-born people and a desire to limit immigration Answer birth or origin, especially the place, process, or circumstance (MORE)

Is there fat hipsters?

no, its physically impossible for there to be a fat hipsters because of all the biking they do on fixies mixed with the exercise at retro gyms
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How do you beat Hipster date night on the Hollywood rising star game?

the band geek shirt, the jeans, the red snickers, the hair with the french hat, the face with the geeky glasses, the black purse In order to beat Hipster Date Night, on the Ho (MORE)
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Why do hipsters like triangles?

I've heard that hipsters or indie people like triangles because... O1. Triangles fit anywhere and hipsters are known not to fit it. It's kinda irony. O2. Traingles stand f (MORE)

Are there hipsters at DePaul University?

Yes, there are quite a few hipsters at DePaul University. The Lincoln Park Campus is about 2 miles away from Wicker Park, which is notoriously the most "hipster" neighborhood (MORE)