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What is androgyny?

Having behaviors, physical characteristics or habits that suggest both male and female; being of such a nature that it is difficult to assign or infer gender.

What are the disadvantages to androgyny?

Have you ever met a person that create confusion in your mind? At glance, She is certainly a girl.... Later, only to find out you are wrong that 'she' is actually he! This peo (MORE)

Define Androgyny in your own words?

A person who is androgynous has characteristics of both a male and a female.. Sometimes, an androgynous person could pass for either a male or a female depending on hair styl (MORE)
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When Sandra Bem discusses androgyny is she talking about gender role or gender identity?

Both, gender roles will influence gender identity. the expectations that are place on specific genders which will consequently create the stereotypical gender roles will influ (MORE)