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How do you close a Kershaw 1600 knife?

these knives use a 'LINER' lock system, if you turn the knife over and look into the belly of the handle you'll see not only the gap where the closed blade would sit, but you (MORE)
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Is Sammy Kershaw still alive?

Yes, Sammy Kershaw is still alive. He was born in 1958, and is 55 years old. He lives with his wife in Louisiana. Recently, his home sustained fire damage.
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Is it Andy Sixx or Andy Six?

It's just 'Six'. That was his 'lucky' number when he was younger. When he played on sports teams, he always requested that his number was 6. 'Andy Six' is a character that he (MORE)

Where can you get a Kershaw knife repaired?

You can send a Kershaw knife back to the factory for free routine sharpening or you can pay for them to repair it. I've included the link, but here is their warranty informati (MORE)

How much is a Kershaw 1560 patented ken onion design knife?

The Kershaw 1560 Whirlwind has an MSRP of $85, but you can find it for less elsewhere. It doesn't have the best steel, 440A, and it doesn't have a flipper, but it does use Ken (MORE)
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What is the best selling Kershaw knife?

One product and the best selling Kershaw folding knife is the Kershaw Blur. It has been made of high quality, and is more sturdy than the SilverTac P38, which is also a backup (MORE)