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Who is Andy Maurer?

  Andy Maurer was an American football offensive lineman in the NFL for the Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints, Minnesota Vikings, San Francisco 49ers, and the Denver Bro (MORE)

How many times did Denver Pyle appear on the tv show Gunsmoke?

He made 14 appearances : Poor Pearl (22 December 1956) - Willie Calhoun Liar from Blackhawk (22 June 1957) - Hank Shinn The Bear (28 February 1959) - Mike Blocker The Wa (MORE)

Who makes pyle pro?

The audio company Pyle. Pyle is also owned by Infinity. Pyle is NOT owned by Infinity. Infinity is a brand under Harman Audio. Pyle is owned by a parent company called Sou (MORE)
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Where is Andy murry from?

    Andy Murray is from dunblane, just type it into a search engine!
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When did gomer Pyle first sing on gomer pyle mc?

Believe it or not, in the first episode, the one on the Andy Griffith Show, sgt. Carter made Gomer sing with his head in a bucket.
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Who is Andy Murray?

Murray is currently the UK's best ranked player, with a current world ranking of 4. This is his highest ranking ever. The last British player to rank anywhere near was Tim Hen (MORE)
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Who is Andy Medina?

A player in a botched carjacking, he was only 15 when he was charged with first-degree murder and imprisoned; now he's serving time at Colorado's maximum-security facility.  (MORE)