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Are Andy Rooney and Mickey Rooney related?

  No; Mickey Rooney's real name was Joe Yule: "Mickey Rooney" was his third stage name, and it stuck. They two are close enough in age and both being media figures that th (MORE)

What Wayne Rooney eats for breakfast?

Wayne Rooney has a big dirty fry every morning without exception. This typically consists of scrambled eggs, a tomato, mushrooms, hash-browns, sausages, black and white puddin (MORE)

Is Adam Rooney related to Wayne Rooney?

Not as far as I know. Wayne does have a younger footballing brother, John (currently at Macclesfield) and also brother Graeme who tried for BURY FC unsuccessfully
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Is it Andy Sixx or Andy Six?

It's just 'Six'. That was his 'lucky' number when he was younger. When he played on sports teams, he always requested that his number was 6. 'Andy Six' is a character that he (MORE)

What qualities does Wayne Rooney have?

good acceleration, long shots, close range shooting, free kicks, passing, dribbling, he also has other mental attributes that really make him a team player, determination, har (MORE)

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