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What does an anesthetic do?

An anesthetic stops you feeling pain during a medical surgical procedure (an operation). Modern anesthetics are complex, they make you unconscious, paralyze you and take awa (MORE)
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What is anesthetic?

Anesthetic is a type of drug that is used to make people lose conscious so they won't feel pain during (for example) surgery. However, too much anesthetic can be life threaten (MORE)

What are anesthetics?

You possibly mean "anesthetics" since anestnetics is not an English word. Anesthetics are drugs used to render a person unconscious, such as during a surgical procedure, or i (MORE)
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What is in an anesthetic?

We'll we could call it a pain killer... But if you want more professional way: Anesthetic is a drug used to ease the pain e.g. operation etc.

What is in anesthetic?

an anesthetic is a drug that numbs your sensation and sometimes dampens your alertness. There are many types of anesthetic including topical (benzocaine cream for example), lo (MORE)

Why are anesthetics important?

Anesthetics temporarily paralyze the body or a certain body limb so that surgery is easy for doctors and so that the patient won't feel any pain during the operation. There ar (MORE)
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What is a nurse anesthetic?

A nurse anesthetist is a nurse who specializes in the administration of anesthesia. In the United States, a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist ( CRNA ) is an advanced (MORE)

What are inhalation anesthetics?

compounds that enter the body through the lungs and are carried by the blood to body tissues. Inhalation anesthetics are less often used alone in recent clinical practice; the (MORE)