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What does angelica mean?

ANGELICA Gender: Feminine Usage: English, Italian, Romanian Pronounced: an-JEL-i-ka (English), ahn-je-LEE-kah (Italian) [key] Derived from Latin angelicus meaning " ( Full Answer )
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What is the symbol angelica of?

Angelica is a member of the parsley family whose roots and fruitsare used in flavoring liqueurs. Angelica is used as a poetic symbolfor inspiration.
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How tall is Angelica Houston?

Anjelica Houston is an Academy-Award winning American actress. Sheis the daughter of respected director John Houston. Reportedly, shehas a height of 5ft 8.5in, this is 174 cm. ( Full Answer )
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Who was Angelica Vrooman?

\n Angelica Vrooman was part of the American Revolution and her role listed in history states that she took a bullet-mould, some lead, and an iron spoon in order to mould a qu ( Full Answer )
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What are the physical characteristics of angelica?

Western angelica grows to about 4.5 ft (1.5 m) with white to yellow flowers, and very large three-part leaves. Chinese angelica is a perennial that grows to 3 ft (1 m), a purp ( Full Answer )
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How was Western angelica named?

Western angelica, or A. archangelica, is said to have been named after an angel who revealed the herb to a European monk as a curative.
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Who is nurse angelica in Romeo and Juliet?

Some people think that the name of the nurse in Romeo and Juliet is Angelica. This is because of a line in Act 4 Scene 4 of the play where Capulet says, "Look to the baked mea ( Full Answer )