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What is an angle?

An angle consists of two rays or lines having the same endpoint  (vertex).    An angle is formed when two rays meet at an endpoint. The endpoint  is called the vertex (MORE)

What are the angles?

There is diffrent kind of angles like thesse.First,there is an acute angle for example 40 deegrees.Next. there is a right angle witch is exactly 90 deegrees.Also,there is an o (MORE)

Is an acute angle a suplementary angle?

  a suplementary angle is when 2 or more angles join to create a 180 degree angle, so if an acute angle is adjacent to another angle and the total number of degrees create (MORE)

Complementary angles are always what angles?

Complementary angles are angles that always add to 90° (ninety degrees). They are usually adjacent to each other, however in theory do not have to be. An example is: Angle " (MORE)
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What is the angle of incidence the angle of reflection?

 The angles of incidence and reflection are the angles between the  normal to the   reflector and the arriving/leaving light ray respectively. They're  equal, which is (MORE)

What is the definition for angle side angle?

In the context of congruent triangle theorems, it means that a pair of angles in corresponding locations in two triangles, and the sides that are included between them, are co (MORE)