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What is an angle?

An angle consists of two rays or lines having the same endpoint(vertex). An angle is formed when two rays meet at an endpoint. The endpointis called the vertex of the angle. (MORE)
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What are angles?

they are angles in a shape. what kinds of shapes what are rats? rats are creatures that shouldn't be fiddled with cause they can bite.i like rats because i have one and his n (MORE)
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Who are angles?

An angle is the measurement between two lines that share a point. A right angle, which consists perpendicular lines, is exactly 90 degrees. A straight line is 180 degrees (two (MORE)
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What are the angles?

There is diffrent kind of angles like thesse.First,there is an acute angle for example 40 deegrees.Next. there is a right angle witch is exactly 90 deegrees.Also,there is an o (MORE)
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Is Angle Angle Angle is congruent?

No, Angle Angle Angle is not a proof that two triangles are congruent. It is only proof that they are similar. The shape of a triangle is based on its angle measures. Its siz (MORE)
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What is angle angle angle in gemotry?

AAA, or angle angle angle, is a postulate used to prove the similarities of two triangles. If there exists a correspondence between the vertices of two triangles such that th (MORE)
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Which angle is angle of incidence and angle of reflection?

-- The angle of incidence is the angle between the perpendicular to the reflecting surface and the direction from which the light arrives before reflection. -- The angle (MORE)