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Can an Anglican receive holy communion in a Catholic Church?

Generally speaking, no.   Most Anglican Churches operate an 'open table' meaning that anyone who normally receives communion in another church (whether it be Catholic, Meth (MORE)

Difference between a Catholic mass vs a Anglican communion service?

As far as the words and liturgy are concerned, there  is very little difference between the Catholic Mass and an Anglican  Communion service. Both services are celebrated by (MORE)

Who can take holy communion in the Anglican Church?

  People in good standing with their own church, those who normally receive Holy Communion in their own churches. This is as well as Anglicans, who are expected to have pr (MORE)

Can a Baptist receive Holy Communion in an Anglican Church?

  In the few Anglican churches that continue to maintain the Catholic tradition (known as 'Anglo Catholic' Churches) then they may well say 'no' just as the Roman Catholic (MORE)

Why do you do communion?

when you take communion, you eat blessed bread and wine, that represent Jesus's body and blood that he gave for our sins, and so that we could go to heaven. We ingest the bles (MORE)

What is the difference between Anglican Holy Communion and Catholic Communion?

Catholics believe that the priest, acting in the person of Christ, actually changes the bread and wine, whole and entire, into the Body and Blood of Our Blessed Lord, Jesus Ch (MORE)

Where do Anglicans worship?

Anglicans worship in Anglican churches, or Episcopal churches  outside England. The ritual is very similar to that of the Roman  Catholic church, including the reading of th (MORE)