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Why did Anglican start?

Anglicanism is simply the ancient Catholic Church, the Body of Christ in Britain! It was brought here in the ,'mists of time,' by,it is said, the brother of Our Lord and Savio ( Full Answer )
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Who were the anglicans?

The 'Anglicans' aren't a group of people or followers, they are a Christian Denomination (ex: Catholic, Lutheran).
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What is an Anglican?

An Anglican is a member of The Anglican Communion which is a branch of Christianity that encompasses the Church of England and many other world-wide Churches which trace their ( Full Answer )
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What are the principles of Anglicanism?

The Anglican Church abides by the 39 Articles of Faith. These are (in the original 'Old English' style:. I. Of Faith in the Holy Trinity. There is but one living and true G ( Full Answer )
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What is the Anglican Church?

Answer . Within Christianity there are various churches, or 'traditions', such as the Roman Catholic Church and the Greek Orthodox Church. These are often called 'denomina ( Full Answer )
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Where do Anglicans worship?

Anglicans worship in Anglican churches, or Episcopal churchesoutside England. The ritual is very similar to that of the RomanCatholic church, including the reading of the Gosp ( Full Answer )
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What is anglicanization?

I think you mean 'anglicization'. It can refer to the conversion of a word originally part of another language into an English term, or sometimes the conversion of non-UK Engl ( Full Answer )
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What is high Anglicanism and low Anglicanism?

High Anglicanism is simply the Catholic Faith and tradition distilled by two thousand years exposure to the English people. It means one has a High View of the Church, ie, As ( Full Answer )
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Why are Anglicans important?

Because they are a Communion of Catholic believers within these Isles and wherever the members have travelled! For the best part of two thousand years they have held the fait ( Full Answer )
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Why was anglicanism founded?

Anglicanism is simply the Catholic Faith in England and was brought here by S.Simon Zelotes, at a very early time in Church history! S.Simon being the brother of Christ I sho ( Full Answer )