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What is aniline found in?

Aniline is found in pesticides, dyes, rubber, photographicchemicals, varnishes, and explosives. Aniline is an oily, flammableliquid, found naturally in some foods. There are s ( Full Answer )
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What is aniline used in?

Aniline is an organic compound. Its main use is in the manufacture of precursors to polyurethane
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What is aniline derivative?

Aniline derivative is a chemical precurser and is used in many haircoloring products as well as polyurithane(spelling subject to correction) due to its oxidative properties. A ( Full Answer )
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Why Aniline is less basic then ammonia?

Since aniline N has a lone pair of electrons to dislocate in aromatic system (PI), it has less donating stability then ammonia. Don
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Why is dimethyl aniline more basic than aniline?

Alkyl groups are slightly electron donating.  The methyl groups on the amine in N,N dimethylaniline contribute electron density to the nitrogen lone pair, making it more ( Full Answer )
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How can you improve aniline point of an oils?

Aniline point could be improved by adding the iso-paraffin's and naphthenes in given sample of fuel oil. It could also be increased by removing aeromatics from fuel oil becaus ( Full Answer )
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Is the aniline point highest for arromatics?

no aromtics show the low aniline point....because higher the aniline point higher the pariffinic content and lower the aromatic content
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Which is more basic cyclohexyl aniline or aniline?

Strength of bases is related to the ease of accepting a protonwhich inturn depends on the availability of electron pair on thenitrogen atom (or some other basic atom). More is ( Full Answer )
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Why para nitro aniline is less basic from aniline?

Because the electron withdrawing resonance efect caused by thenitro group on the structure, it makes the electrons pair on thenitrogen less available, if the electron pair is ( Full Answer )