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Do animals have dreams?

Yes they do. Their brain waves show that they indeed do have dreams  like humans. Sometimes when animals are asleep-like your family dog  or family cat-people can see them " (MORE)

Can an animal have a dream like humans do?

Animals don't necessarily dream like humans do, but many pet or animal owners often come to the conclusion that their pets dream. Animals may display dream-like behavior, incl (MORE)
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Do all animals dream?

  Not all animals dream. Animals of higher class (vertibrates) dream. While invertibrates don't.

Why do we have dreams?

We have dreams because:   1. A dream is what the heart wishes.    2. You were thinking about that certain thing before you went to sleep/nap.    3. Scientist think (MORE)

What about dreams?

Here are some facts about dreams: -about 60% of our lives are spent dreaming -dreams are not always in color -We forget most of our dreams -EVERYONE dreams Dreams a (MORE)

What was i have a dream about?

In addition to Martin Luther king speech, to summarize the whole speech , Martin Luther king was basically talking about the rights of our people and how we all should be equa (MORE)

Who had a dream?

Everyone dreams, including many animals. Some famous dreams: Martin Luther King did a famous speech that started with "I had a dream..."The entire 9th season of the show 70s- (MORE)