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What is echolocation used for?

Echolocation is used by mammals such as the bat, which has poor eye sight. During evolution it developed the ability to locate a target by sending sound waves, as eyes are alm (MORE)

How do dolphins use echolocation?

Echolocation is a type of sonar, using reflected sound to determine the distance and form of objects. A dolphin emits a short, directional series of clicking sounds forward (i (MORE)

What is echolocation and how does it work?

it is where the bat sends out a sound that bounces of it's prey (moths, midges or mosquitoes) and back to the bat so it knows exactly where it's prey is. Did you know a pipist (MORE)
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What does echolocation mean?

It is a way that some animals like bats and dolphins sense their surroundings. They do it by sending out high pitched clicks, and by sensing how long it takes for the sound wa (MORE)
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Why do shrews use echolocation?

Shrews use echolacation to find prey, communicate with other animals, or find their homes or other shrews, maybe a lost baby. Shrews have a very sensative smell and touch, whi (MORE)
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Do sharks have echolocation?

They have a very clever 6th sense if you like and it is sort of like echolocation but electronic location. Their Ampullae of Lorenzini senses electronic pulses that all creatu (MORE)

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