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What is Anime?

An anime is a Japanese word for an animation. There are severaldifferent genres, some are made for younger children, and somecontain very mature content. Many, but not all, of (MORE)

What about animal testing on endangered animals?

There isn't any.  To do animal testing, you need quite a lot of animals to get  reliable results.  What happens to ONE animal, once, might just be random.  And if somethin (MORE)

How do you do animation?

First, come up with a storyline. This is the script for the animation. Then make the art. Then, you modify the art in a certain way depending on your animation software. Try l (MORE)

What is the animation?

Animation is the display of a sequence of images  either 2-D or 3-D in order to create an illusion of movement.    These images are also known as "Frames".
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What is animation?

Answer   Animation is any thing that moves on your screen like a cartoon character.   it is the visual art of creating the illusion of motion through the successive di (MORE)

How can animals die from animal cruelty?

Animals can die from animal cruelty in many ways. Some ways include starvation. If an animal is left alone with a long period of time without water and food, they will die. An (MORE)

Which animals belong in the animal kingdom?

All animals belong in the animal kingdom. Otherwise, they would not be classified as animals. Animals themselves belong to the kingdom Eukarya, which is comprised of all multi (MORE)

Where do the animals come from for animal testing?

Most animal testing is performed on mice and rats, which are specifically bred for the experiment. Large animals such as dogs, cats, horses, cattle, sheep and pigs may either (MORE)

What do animal pounds doto animals?

animal pounds take in homeless animals. You can go and adopt an animal or even take on in. if you are looking into getting a new pet you should rescue one because the put the (MORE)