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What is Anime?

An anime is a Japanese word for an animation. There are severaldifferent genres, some are made for younger children, and somecontain very mature content. Many, but not all, of (MORE)

What is animation?

Answer   Animation is any thing that moves on your screen like a cartoon character.   it is the visual art of creating the illusion of motion through the successive di (MORE)

What is animism?

Answer   Animism is the belief that living spirits are associated with plants, particularly trees, or inaminate objects and natural phenomena.   animism commonly refer (MORE)

What is an animation?

an animation is nothing to do with animals unless it is one. an animation is a moving picture. not like a television, but a moving picture that repeats itself and does the sam (MORE)

How do you do animation?

First, come up with a storyline. This is the script for theanimation. Then make the art. Then, you modify the art in a certainway depending on your animation software. Try loo (MORE)
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What is this anime?

Anime is a Japanese cartooning style. There are several different genres. Some are made for younger children, and some contain very mature content. Many, but not all, of the m (MORE)

What is the animation?

Animation is the display of a sequence of images  either 2-D or 3-D in order to create an illusion of movement.    These images are also known as "Frames".
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How are animals affected by animal fighting?

Animals are affected, physically, mentally and emotionaly, due to fighting, whether their pitted against each other in dog fights, or pshyched up in "Rooster Fighting" it affe (MORE)

How do you wave to animals on Animal Crossing?

if you want to wave to a animal on animal crossing you have too kind of walk a little away from them then click on them they might talk so move more away once you do that clic (MORE)

What animal it is?

The animal that you are looking for is a :   A   AbyssinianAdelie PenguinAffenpinscherAfghan HoundAfrican Bush ElephantAfrican CivetAfrican Clawed FrogAfrican Forest E (MORE)