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What are brunswick billiards?

Brunswick is the oldest name in billiards and pocket billiards. They have been making tables and other equipment for the industry since 1845 and are known for quality equipmen (MORE)

How old is amalia fuentes?

base sa pisikal na kaanyuhan, sa tingin ko, si amalia ay matanda ng mga dalawa hanggang tatlong taon kay ruffa. base na rin ito sa obserbasyon ko na si ruffa ay retokado na an (MORE)

What are traditions in New Brunswick?

A great one that I can think of takes place at the King's Landing Settlement outside of Mactaquac. In the Winter, fresh homemade maple syrup is poured over clean snow. When th (MORE)

How did New Brunswick get its name?

New Brunswick is named for the German city of Braunschweig,  anglicized to "Brunswick".    The name was chosen because at that time (1784) King George III was  not on (MORE)

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Is amalia your friend?

Well personally, No I do not have a friend with the name Amalia. is not a single person,   but a collection of many many people who answer quest (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Amalia - 1914?

The cast of Amalia - 1914 includes: Raquel Aldao as Manuelita Rosas Delfina Astengo as Jesusa Enrique Bustillo as General Mansilla Silvina Cobo Elina Cramer Susana Estevez Del (MORE)