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Who is Anne Bonny?

Anne BonnyIrish pirate Anne Bonny (1700-1782) is one of a scarce number of women known to have participated in the unlawful interception and plundering of trade ships on the h (MORE)

Who was Anne Hutchinson?

Anne Hutchinson (July 20, 1591 - August 20, 1643) was theunauthorized Puritan minister of a dissident church discussiongroup and a pioneer settler in Massachusetts, Rhode Isl (MORE)
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Who was Saint Anne?

  She was the mother of the Virgin Mary and wife of St. Joachim. She was very unhappy because she was withoout child, but an angle came to her and told she would give birt (MORE)

What is Gaelic for Anne?

Irish would use Áine (awn-ye) or Anna Scottish would be Anna. Anice is Scottish Gaelic for Anne COMMENT: "Anice" is not Gaelic. A consonant must be flanked by two "broad" vow (MORE)

What did Anne Sullivan do?

Anne Sullivan taught Helen Keller. She taught her to read and write braille. She also taught her to understand the words Anne wrote in her hand. She first communicated with He (MORE)