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What is an annelid?

An annelid is a segmented worm. An annelid is a type of worm with an oval-like body. They are in the phylum Annelida, which consists of about a thousand different types of w (MORE)

How do annelids eat?

Some families of annelid have evolved jaws to bite, whereas others can basically vomit up (or evert) their oesophagus to grab food. Others have neither method and may use crow (MORE)

Examples of Annelids?

there are a couple of types of annelids eg worms and i am trying to find out this answer not tell you it
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What makes an annelid an annelid?

Distinguishing characteristics of the phylum annelida are conspicuous metameric segmentation, they are triploblastic, coelomate, bilaterally symmetrical, tubular bodies (worms (MORE)

How are annelids beneficial?

Annelids are helpful in that they burrow in the soil and these burroughs connect to the surface and admit air into the soil (aeration. This also allows water to percolate or p (MORE)

Is a slug an annelid?

No, slug is not an Annelid because it lacks annelid characters but it is a Molluscan as it possesses the characters of phylum Mollusca which include 1; A flat ventral muscula (MORE)

Annelids are examples of what?

annelids comes from a french word anneles which means ring ones in latin little rings. They are organisms with segmented body exampl of annelids are ragworms, earth worms etc (MORE)