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Are annelids pseudocoelomates?

No, annelids are coelomates not pseudocoelomates. They do not contain a fluid filled cavity between the mesoderm and the endoderm. However, they contain a fluid filled cavity( (MORE)

What features distinguish annelids from roundworms?

There's many of them, but here are some of the bigger ones; Annelids, unlike roundworms (or flatworms for that matter) are segmented. That is after all how they get their nam (MORE)

Are caterpillars annelids?

Caterpillars are not annelids. An annelid is a segmented worm, such  as an earthworm. The basic annelid form consists of two segments,  each of which has the same sets of or (MORE)

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What eats annelids?

Annelids are worms which are cylindrical, both internally and externally. They are a nutritious meal and are easy to swallow because they lack a hard skeleton. They can be eat (MORE)

Why are annelids important to humans?

  Earthworms, of the phylum Annelida are food for birds, and keep the soil aerated. Sometimes large earthworms are used for dissection in first-term Biology classes, to te (MORE)

How do annelids breathe?

Annelids breathe through their body wall and parapodia expands the surface area of the animal. Annelids, or earthworms, do not have lungs to breathe with. These  creatures ac (MORE)
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Are annelids asexual or sexual?

They have sexual reproduction even though they have both female and  male organs within the same organism. A few species undergo  parthenogenesis, which is asexual. So basic (MORE)
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Do annelids have ganglia?

Annelids have a brain or cerebral ganglion that originates and usually resides in the head
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