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What is the latest on Annette Funicello?

Currently hospitalized for smoke inhalation-= house burned down just yesterday. situation may be more serious. I can remember how Linda Darnell ( reportage wise) started out w (MORE)

Did annette moreno die?

No! haha. She just came out with a new album called "Revolucionar" And I'm actually hearing it right now. She's not dead!

What does the name annette mean?

  the name annette means a good person who is honest and sweet and the person who you can talk to at any time or any place    
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What is a mill?

"Mill" alone as a noun, is a generic term for a range of plant each dedicated to a specific process such grain-milling to produce flour, cotton-weaving, timber-sawing, etec., (MORE)

What rhymes with Annette?

Bennette and these are what I got from 1 syllable: bet, bett, bret, brett, chet, debt, et, fett, fette, flett, fret, frett, get, goette, hett, jet, jett, jette, (MORE)