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Who are the orphans in Annie 1999?

The tough one with the short hair and overalls and hat is Pepper The black girl is Duffy The Asian looking one is July Sara Hyland is Molly ( littlest one) Small blond - Kate (MORE)

Why do they call the CPR manikins Annie?

It is the face of 'L'Inconnue de la Seine', a woman that committed suicide by drowning, she became the subject to the pioneers of CPR. Check the links!
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What were the names of Annie Oakley's siblings?

She had five older sisters named, Mary Jane Mosey, Born in 22 April 1851 and died in 1867, Lydia Mosey, Born 6 August 1852 and died 8 March 1882, Elisabeth Mosey, born 5 April (MORE)

What is Annie about?

"Annie" is a story set in the era of 1930s (around the time when Franklin D. Roosevelt was President of the US), and is about a little girl who goes from being an orphan in a (MORE)

Where can you get a Annie script?

You can't unless you want to pay some money. I recommend if you want to do this then you can just watch it and type it up so you get a fresh script and it can be organized the (MORE)

What is the movie Annie about?

Annie, the movie, produced in 1982, is about a girl who lives in an orphanage in New York. Then, one day, a wealthy man comes to pick up an orphan, who will stay with him over (MORE)
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Who are the orphans in Annie?

Duffy - the oldest - 13 years old July - the quietest - 13 years old Pepper - the toughest - 12 years old Tessie - the crybaby - 10 years old Kate - the second-littlest - 7 (MORE)

How do you get copyright for Annie?

You cannot get the copyright for Annie as that is held by the authors or their represtatives. You can obtain the performance rights if you want to put on a show by contacting (MORE)