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What are the songs from Annie?

Maybe Tomorrow It's a hard knock life Easy street You're never fully dressed without a smile I think I'm gonna like it here I don't need anything but you Little (MORE)
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Who is Annie Chui?

Annie Chui was a Thai starlet/A-movie star. Though she was reported to have been tragically killed in a traffic accident in 2005, she lives on and graces the world with her (MORE)

How do you spell brittain?

The correct spelling is Britain. Great Britain, is a country, part of the United Kingdom, and consists of England, Scotland and Wales.
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What is Annie about?

"Annie" is a story set in the era of 1930s (around the time when Franklin D. Roosevelt was President of the US), and is about a little girl who goes from being an orphan in a (MORE)
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Who are the orphans in Annie?

Duffy - the oldest - 13 years old July - the quietest - 13 years old Pepper - the toughest - 12 years old Tessie - the crybaby - 10 years old Kate - the second-littlest - 7 (MORE)

When was Annie written?

Annie was originally from the comic strip, Little Orphan Annie that began on August 5, 1924. Thomas Meehan later wrote the book around 1977.
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How do you get copyright for Annie?

You cannot get the copyright for Annie as that is held by the authors or their represtatives. You can obtain the performance rights if you want to put on a show by contacting (MORE)

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