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When did Habakkuk predicted the worlds annihilation?

It doesn't give a 'when'. You will never find a date or exact time in the entire Bible on when this world will end and Christ returns. It is such a big secret that even Jesus (MORE)
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What is mutual annihilation?

Mutual annihilation is the term we usually apply in physics to the combining of a particle and its antiparticle. Under the circumstances, the particles are completely converte (MORE)
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Why did the US go from annihilation to attrition?

Combat changed to jungle fighting in Vietnam. The USA was equipped to meet the enemy head on and pound them into submission.
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What is an annihilation reaction?

Annihilation reaction is when you take matter and anti-matter and try to put them together and they cancel each other out. Try putting an electron and a positron together. Wha (MORE)