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What is a sentence for annihilate?

Thousands of bombs were dropped onto the City of London in an attempt to annihilate the weapons manufacturing sites as well as the citizens.
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When did Habakkuk predicted the worlds annihilation?

It doesn't give a 'when'. You will never find a date or exact time in the entire Bible on when this world will end and Christ returns. It is such a big secret that even Jesus ( Full Answer )
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What is mutual annihilation?

Mutual annihilation is the term we usually apply in physics to the combining of a particle and its antiparticle. Under the circumstances, the particles are completely converte ( Full Answer )
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How do you annihilate jelly?

You could bat it across the room with a tennis racket? Or place a straw into it and blow very hard!
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What is annihilation of matter?

Annhilation occurs when a particle meets an its antiparticle; itsantimatter equivalent. On contact the two will destroy one anotherand the mass of both particles will turn int ( Full Answer )
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Why did Adolf Hitler annihilate the Jews?

because after world war one they were the only ones still with money and jobs so he blamed them for germenys problems
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Is annihilates an adjective?

No, annihilates is a verb, as in he/she/it annihilates. 'Annihilated' could be used as an adjective, as in 'The Annihilated Self', or 'annihilating', as in 'the annihilating e ( Full Answer )
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What is an annihilation reaction?

Annihilation reaction is when you take matter and anti-matter and try to put them together and they cancel each other out. Try putting an electron and a positron together. Wha ( Full Answer )