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What reason did Hitler give for attempting to annihilate the Jewish people?

Answer 1   Hitler's reason was that he thought it was the Jews fault for the  economic downfall.    Answer 2   This question implicitly has two parts. The firs (MORE)

What is the definition of annihilation in physics?

Annihilation means complete distruction, total obliteration or the like. The word has a root in Latin, and "to make into nothing" is a loose translation. Perhaps some example (MORE)

What is the minimum energy released in annihilation of electron positron pair?

Both positron and electron are of equal mass i.e about 9.1*10^-31 kg . The speed of light is about 3*10^8 m/s, and as per Einstein's theory E=m*c*c . Total mass = 2*9.1*10 (MORE)

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Why did the US military strategy generally evolve from annihilation to attrition over the course of each of its wars?

- US forces were unable to obtain a single decisive victory during the Civil War and WWI. - The numerical superiority possessed by the US always ensured victory through attrit (MORE)

What is positron annihilation spectroscopy?

Positron annihilation spectroscopy is a research tool that is being investigated because it may provide a way to look at defects in a solid matrix. A positron source is set up (MORE)

Can you run Total Annihilation on 32 bit Vista?

Althought windoew vista doesn't support 16 bit applications, you can run Totala on vista.    However, the installation files of Totala are on 16 bit (not supported by v (MORE)