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What are annuals?

They are books that you normally get at Christmas that have colouring activities, quizes, mazes and lots of other things that kids love! Answer Annuals are plants that die (MORE)

What is annual?

If taken as an adjective, the word annual means "every year" or  "occurring once a year". If taken as a noun, it refers to a book or  magazine that is published every year w (MORE)

What is annual compensation?

Your annual compensation is your annual salary package.  Compensation can be only salary, or it can include other benefits  such as health insurance and retirement contribut (MORE)

What is annual ticket?

An 'annual ticket' is normally understood to be a ticket purchased to allow the purchaser access to the service(s) that the ticket is for, for a period of one calendar year. (MORE)

How do you annualize?

Annualizing means to project a full year's financial figures based on partial year's income statement. For example, if you have financials statements for January-March, then y (MORE)
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What is mounding Annual?

A 'Mounding Annual' is a plant that grows upward, as apposed to trailing close to the ground.

Is sedum an annual?

Almost all Sedums you can buy or find are perennials. A few (eg  Sedum cepaea) are annuals. A number seed themselves so freely (  depending on your weather conditions where (MORE)

Why annualize staffing?

It is a good idea to annualize staffing because it helps you make  predictions about the current staffing using previous years. It is  also useful for figuring out the amoun (MORE)
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What is annualization?

Annualization is the process of annualizing, to express something, such as an interest rate, as if it were applied or measured over a calendar year.
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