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How do anoles mate?

The male will bob his head while showing his dewlap. the male is larger and has a red thing called a dewlap. The male will get on top of the female and bite her neck. After a (MORE)
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What can you feed an anole?

You can feed them anole food. I found some at petsmart. You can feed them crickets too. They will also eat mealworms.
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Do anoles eat other anoles?

Only mothers. When she lays her eggs, she may eat her babies so keep her eggs in a separate cage and make sure you don't flip the eggs if you want them to hatch.
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What is an anolment?

I think you mean an anullment. That is when two persons get "unmarried". It has the effect of declaring that the marriage never happened. Similar to divorce, but different leg (MORE)
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Will an anole eat another anole?

Green anoles are extremley friendley and will not eat each other if kept together. They feed on small crickets, mealworms, small insects, banana, and vanilla yogurt. They woul (MORE)
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What does a anole do?

well an anole lizard is a beginners pet. they live. Just because an animal is sold at a cheap price does not make it a beginners' pet. They require a large cage, ideally 100 (MORE)
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Are anoles iguanas?

No, they are the common nickname of the American Chameleon. They are almost chameleon because their eyes move a-lot like a chameleon's would. They are a beginners pet lizard. (MORE)
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Does a anole have teeth?

Yes, in fact, if it does bite you, many say not to jerk it off of you because its teeth have a grip so firm that if you pull back too hard you might rip it's jaw off.