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What is a bar notion?

if you mean by bar notation..then it is a way of simplifying a specific number after the decimal that is repeated. How you simplify it is that you put a line over the repeatin (MORE)

When do you have a bar mitzvah?

A Jewish boy becomes a bar mitzvah the day he turns 13. The ceremony associated with becoming a bar mitzvah is often held as close to the boy's 13th birthday as possible.
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What is BAR rates?

BAR rates is Best Available Rate is useful in hotel/resort (accommodation) by day allows the user to set up a selection of rates, mark them as BAR and during the availability (MORE)
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What is a fish?

A fish is a living animal that retains oxygen from water and is  born with fins to swim with. There are many varieties of fish so  this answer is only the most basic informa (MORE)

What is a stabilizer bar? stabilizer bar (MORE)

What is plaintiffs bar?

Hi, in the court of law there is 3 sections of the court room, The judges desk, the defendant bar where the person that was accused of doing the crime, and there is a plaintif (MORE)

What is bar pendulum?

A bar pendulum is a long iron rod, which use in the experiment of which one of the edges is fixed to move to and fro.
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Why is a bar called a bar?

The word "bar" is defined as: Something that obstructs or prevents passage, progress, or action as: a: the destruction of an action or claim in law; also: a plea or object (MORE)
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What is bar relief?

It is how bas relief is mistakenly spelled sometimes. Especially by people that have only heard it pronounced. The s is silent. See bas relief for a proper definition.
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What is bar code?

bar code, Universal Product Code (code consisting of a series of vertical bars of variable width that are scanned by a laser; printed on consumer product packages to identify (MORE)