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Sentence with antagonism?

Antagonism is an active hostility or opposition. An examplesentence would be: The antagonism of the past spills over intopresent-day disputes.

What is antagonism?

i don't now? The above answer is a really good example of antogonism. Antagonism is an extreme unfriendliness that someone shows it toward you.
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What is mental antagonism?

If you strap someone down so that they can't move anything and you take a water droper and drop one drop of water on their forehead every six seconds for a long period of time (MORE)
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What is mutual antagonism?

an active hostility or opposition, as between unfriendly orconflicting groups: the antagonism between the liberal and theconservative parties. . 2. an opposing force , pri (MORE)
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What is antagonism the result of?

Antagonism is typically the result of conflicting entities such as two arguing opponents or competing individuals or teams and or disagreement between two enemies and even fri (MORE)
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What is drug antagonism?

Drugs that produce opposite results in the body. i.e. Narcan and opiates. The opposite term is antagonism. These are drugs that work like the drug.