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What is the need for antennas what are transmitting antennas what are receiving antennas?

Antennas transfer energy from a cable into the airwaves efficiently. Any transmit antenna can also be a receive antenna and viceversa. If you wish to transmit high power from (MORE)
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What is an antenna and what is the difference between an omni antenna and a panel antenna?

"What is an antenna" : the antenna is a device that couples electromagnetic fields between free space and a circuit (radio, cell phone, etc.). An omni or omni-direction (MORE)
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Types of antenna?

There are many types of antennas, to many to mention, here is a list of the most commonly used: Unidirectional Types: First the most common is the, 1/4 wave whip. Foll (MORE)
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What is antenna?

antenna maybe defined astw structure associated with the transition between guided wave and free space (or) wise versa.
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Do starfish have antennae?

No. Starfish do not have antennas. They are a sea creature withtypically 5 legs and a exterior skeleton.
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What is an antenna?

In Electomagnetics, Radio, Electronics, etc. : An antenna is a structure that couples energy between a circuit (radio, cell phone, etc.) and free space. The plural is ante (MORE)
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What does a antenna do?

its collects data from space. It is a device that converts electrical energy into Radio waves or TV waves sending them out or receiving them.
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Do crayfish have antennas?

Crayfish have antennas but really big, once you land them you will realise they have really big antennas.
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Why are there antennas on skyscrapers?

The antennas on the rooftops of skyscrapers are actually electricity harvesters. This explains why big cities can afford more lights everywhere, like traffic signals that run (MORE)
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When to use antenna and antennae?

Antenna is singular - a car has a radio antenna. Antennae is plural - insects have two antennae.