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What is the need of antennas?

A transmit antenna sends radio energy from an electronic circuit into space. A receive antenna captures radio energy from space and connects it to an electronic circuit. Most (MORE)

Does a wasp have antenna?

yes they do have antenna! they are used for sensing danger and investigating to see what they can and can't eat because the antenna is like a tongue that taste different foo (MORE)

What is an active antenna?

  Answer   An active antenna is an antenna which has an amplifier attached very closely to it. The antenna/amplifier system is called an active antenna. It is used fo (MORE)

Why do bees have antennaes?

bees, use antennas, just like we use our noses. by using the antenna, they can track flowers knowing where they are and how far.....etc.

Do beetles have antennas?

  Answer   Yes, beetles DO have "antennas." You'd actually say antennae. But, beetles are insects, and all insects have six legs and two antennae. But, just so you kn (MORE)
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What is an antenna in volleyball?

In volleyball, there is an antenna. It is there to mark the place of the "out of bounds" line on the court. If the ball ever hits the antenna, the ball is "out of bounds".
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How do you change antenna?

Depends on the vehicle, need to know makr/model/year. Most older  ones just unscrew. New bmw's have it embedded in the window glass.
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What is an antenna and what is the difference between an omni antenna and a panel antenna?

"What is an antenna": the antenna is a device that couples electromagnetic fields between free space and a circuit (radio, cell phone, etc.). An omni or omni-directional ant (MORE)

What is a butterfly antenna?

Butterflies anteena's are basically like there face they use them for sight,smell and communication
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