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Does Anthony Kiedis smoke?

  Yes he did, lately not been spotted while smoking, but on tour he was still smoking.   Denise
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How did Casey Anthony kill Caylee Anthony?

When Caylee Anthony's remains were found on December 11, 2008, the body had already decomposed completely and an autopsy could not determine a cause of death. Because the chil (MORE)

Where is Caylee Anthony?

Caylee Anthony passed away at the age of two. Her mother Casey Anthony was tried for her death and possible murder from 2009-2011. When her body was found in the woods near th (MORE)

Susan B. Anthony quarter?

That's a dollar coin, not a quarter. They were minted from 1979-81,  and again in 1999. Any that you get in change or from a bank are  worth $1 only.
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Where is Anthony Farnell?

If you mean Anthony Farnell, the TV weatherman, he is in Toronto, Canada.  If you mean Anthony Farnell, the boxer, he is training boxers in Failsworth, England.
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Did Casey Anthony kill Caylee Anthony?

Casey Anthony was found not guilty by the jury in the murder of two-year-old Caylee Anthony. Her body, when found, was too badly decomposed to determine the exact cause of dea (MORE)

Who is Anthony Improgo?

Anthony Improgo is the drummer of synth-pop band Metro Station. He has also been in bands like eskimohunter and On The Speakers, and designs some of the band's merch as well a (MORE)

Was Cleopatra buried with Mark Anthony?

No one knows where Marc Antony or Cleopatra are buried. It is highly likely that Octavian (later known as Augustus) had them both buried together in an un marked grave somewhe (MORE)