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Who won last race at south Anthony speedway Ft Wayne In Before closing of the track in the early 60's?

The winner of the last race at the South Anthony speedway in 1964 was Gene Turner, He was driving a 1955 Ford owned by williard, And Delphos Woods.This was on a Friday night r (MORE)

Where is Caylee Anthony?

Caylee Anthony passed away at the age of two. Her mother Casey Anthony was tried for her death and possible murder from 2009-2011. When her body was found in the woods near th (MORE)

Who was Anthony Wayne?

Anthony Wayne was a general in a whole lot of battles and wars including the Battle of Fallen Timbers. Anthony Wayne was a general in the battle of 1812. Anthony Wayne died De (MORE)

Where is Anthony Farnell?

If you mean Anthony Farnell, the TV weatherman, he is in Toronto, Canada.  If you mean Anthony Farnell, the boxer, he is training boxers in Failsworth, England.
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Anthony Wayne forced 12 Native American nations from the Great Lakes region to sign what treaty to open Ohio to white settlement?

On August 3rd, 1795, General Anthony Wayne forced the Indians to sign the Treaty of Greeneville. This treaty forced the Indian to move to the northern part of what is now Ohio (MORE)

What is Anthony in Arabic?

"Anthony" comes from the Roman name Antonius or Anthony, which does exist in Arabic, but has very minor usage. Antony looks like this (An-to-nee): أنتوني
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Who is Anthony Improgo?

Anthony Improgo is the drummer of synth-pop band Metro Station. He has also been in bands like eskimohunter and On The Speakers, and designs some of the band's merch as well a (MORE)