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What is anthropomorphism?

Anthropomorphism is the act of imbuing something that is nothuman with human like qualities. The attributing of human characteristics and purposes to inanimate objects, anima (MORE)

Example of Anthropomorphism?

an anthropomorphic conception or representation, as of a deity. giving human qualities to a certain object or living thing. The person who sent this message in w (MORE)

What are examples of anthropomorphic?

Anthropomorphic means something that has been humanized - generally a non human entity with human like traits. A good example would be Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse . Both (MORE)

What is anthropomorphizing?

Anthropomorphizing is the act of attributing uniquely human characteristics to a non-human (i.e. animals and objects). For instance, people can anthropomorphize cars by giving (MORE)

What is anthropomorphization?

Anthropomorphism refers to non-human entities becoming "humanized", or being infused with human like traits. Anthropomorphic characters include Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bu (MORE)

Why use anthropomorphism?

It helps the readers and people connect to non-human creatures/objects/deities in literature or religion by relating their own thoughts, actions, and emotions to those of the (MORE)
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What is anthropomorphic error?

the error of attributing human thoughts, feelings, or motives to animals, especially as way of explaining their behavior
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Who are lovers of anthropomorphism?

The official term for fans of anthropomorphic animals are known as "Furries" if that is what your asking, though some use the term "Anthros" to distance themselves from the Fu (MORE)