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What is the anthropomorphic fallacy?

  The anthropomorphic fallacy (also known as the pathetic fallacy) is the attribution of human thoughts and emotions to animals or inanimate objects. For example, to claim (MORE)

What is anthropomorphization?

Anthropomorphism refers to non-human entities becoming "humanized", or being infused with human like traits. Anthropomorphic characters include Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny, (MORE)

Why use anthropomorphism?

It helps the readers and people connect to non-human creatures/objects/deities in literature or religion by relating their own thoughts, actions, and emotions to those of the (MORE)
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What is anthropomorphic error?

  the error of attributing human thoughts, feelings, or motives to animals, especially as way of explaining their behavior

What is anthropomorphic ecologies?

Anthropomorphic ecologies deal with the impact of human  civilization on the environment. This kind of study looks into  pollution, population, and impact on other species i (MORE)

Where Greek gods anthropomorphic?

Yes. A large amount of Greek and Roman mythology concerns deities acting in a particularly human fashion, particularly plotting against one another. Such anthropomorphizing (a (MORE)

What are examples of Anthropomorphism?

When you use the literary device called "anthropomorphism," you are giving an inanimate object (such as a tree or a flower) or a non-human creature (such as an animal) attribu (MORE)