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What is a hero?

A hero is a person who you admire. Who will do right even with  wrong influence. Who will sacrifice themselves to save anyone or  thing. I have a saying to influence me to b (MORE)

Is Punisher a Hero or Anti-Hero?

Punisher is a Hero. -It almost depends. Some heroes, such as Captain America, consider Punisher to be a bit to ruthless, crazy, and murderous. At one point Captain America be (MORE)

Would you consider Katniss Everdeen a hero or an anti-hero from the Hunger games?

Katniss can act both ways sometimes. Although She mostly acts like a hero. She makes some mistakes, and can be very aggressive at times. Sometimes she gets made at people and (MORE)

Was Judas an anti-hero?

I think that is a fairly accurate description of Judas' character, since he is definitely not a hero, and I would not say he is villain. So if you were to create a fictional s (MORE)

How is Bart Simpson an anti-hero?

bart is usually displayed as a law breaking child who has  committed crimes from streaking(The Simpsons movie) to graffiti  (Homer's Odyssey) he has use the alias bartman a (MORE)
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Is the joker considered an anti-hero?

No. The Joker is considered to be a supervillain, and not an  anti-hero. He is full of pure, psychotic evilness as opposed to an  anti-hero, who would just do things for the (MORE)

Is Barack Obama an anti hero?

I don't think so, but others may disagree. In literature, an anti-hero is a leading character who is flawed in some way-- lacking in some of the qualities we would normally as (MORE)
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Is Batman an anti-hero?

Not usualy, he's more of a hero with a slightly darker personality  but in some cases he may slip into Anti-hero terratory, usually in  stuff by frank miller or in his first (MORE)