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What is a repossession agent?

  Answer   In Canada or the United States a Repossession Agent usually works for a car company, a boat company or anything that costs a lot of money and the person w (MORE)

What is a modeling agent?

  A modeling agent is responsible for finding models work. Modeling agencies offer models a contract to represent them legally for a certain period of time. It is up to th (MORE)

What is an etiologic agent?

The phrase etiologic agent is used to describe where something  originated. This phrase is most used when referring to someone who  studies this affect.
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What do IRS agents do?

As an Internal Revenue Agent, you'll be a proactive decision-maker as you work with customers, businesses, CFOs, CEOs, and the legal and financial communities. Our agents leve (MORE)

What is a CSI agent?

someone who investigates clues at a crime scene. they are one of the most important people in the crime lab.   CSI's are crime scene investigators they photograph crime sc (MORE)

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What are antimicrobial agents?

Antimicrobial agents are compounds that inhibit or kill microbes or microorganims, e.g bacteria and fungi. Antimicrobial agents can be chemicals or biological in compostion. C (MORE)

What are mutagenic agents?

Any agent that can induce a genetic mutation or can increase the rate of mutation. The most common examples are x-rays, ultraviolet irradiation (260 nm) and various chemicals. (MORE)

What are acting Agents?

acting agents are people who help you get a job for acting whether its a commercial, a show or a movie. basically if u are really serious about acting and want to do it for th (MORE)

What is Blistering Agent?

Blistering Agent is a chemical compound that causes severe skin, eye and mucosal pain and irritation. They are named for their ability to cause severe chemical burns, resultin (MORE)
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What is agent orange.?

"Agent Orange is an herbicide (plant killer) composed of 2,4-D and  2,4,5-T. It got its name from the orange-striped barrels that it  was shipped in. It was most used in the (MORE)