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Who is the freemason antichrist?

Freemasonry does not have any religious dogma because it is not a religion. If the belief in an Antichrist is part of the belief of the individual Mason, then he believes in i (MORE)

Where will the antichrist be born?

Antichrist will come from somewhere in the old Roman Empire.  Accordingly, it was thought he had to be European. However, that  was only the western part of the Empire: it a (MORE)

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Is Sarkodie the antichrist?

The likelihood is slim. According to Revelation, most will be unaware of who the Antichrist is until after he reveals himself.
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What is an antichrist?

The Truth of the matter would be such a shock to modern professing  Christianity... if they could bring themselves to "believe"  it. But, an antichrist believes God is "thre (MORE)

Who is antichrist Mabus?

 Why is mabus called antichrist? Nostradamus prophesised that  the death of mabus would herald troubles for mankind. In other  words mankind is safe as long as mabus is al (MORE)

Who is the antichrist?

Identifying "THE" Antichrist is very simple , Just remember onething. There is actually no entity identified as "The Antichrist"written in the Book of Revelation. That name on (MORE)

How is the antichrist described?

He's described as charismatic. handsome, very very tall, extremely  high intellects, wise like unto Solomon, a very spellbinding  speaker, comes across as very compassionate (MORE)

What nationality will the Antichrist be?

One Answer:   There is no scripture in the Bible that speaks of a particular  person called "THE ANTICHRIST."   Scripture speaks of a "SON OF PERDITION," of a "BEAST, (MORE)

When will the antichrist appear?

Many people are still waiting for the antichrist to appear, but  the end time Bible antichrist is already here and has been with us  for a long time.    The Protestan (MORE)

Is illuminati is an antichrist?

The word antichrist is mentioned only four times in the NIV, all in  1 & 2 John. Each time, it is in reference to the lieing that  makes up who the antichrist is or antichri (MORE)