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Who is the antichrist?

Identifying "THE" Antichrist is very simple , Just remember onething. There is actually no entity identified as "The Antichrist"written in the Book of Revelation. That name on (MORE)

What is the antichrist?

As much of the world knows, perhaps the most popular verse regarding Jesus Christ is John 3:16. This verse claims that God so LOVED the world that He sent Jesus Christ so that (MORE)

What is an antichrist?

The Truth of the matter would be such a shock to modern professingChristianity... if they could bring themselves to " believe "it. But, an antichrist believes God is " three " (MORE)
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Will the antichrist be Muslim?

First, what you need to realize is that word 'Muslim' means the one who submits one God or surrender or pray to one God. He/she belives in God. Now you said Anti-Christ wil (MORE)

Who is the female Antichrist?

The Anti-Christ is supposed to have 4 nations fight each other till the end of days, and that its evil will seem right but at the end of days we will see truth and some will f (MORE)

Is the antichrist real?

The Antichrist will be/is a real person. When you read the accounts in Scripture you will discover this fact. No one but God at this time knows who the Antichrist is, but when (MORE)

Who is the real antichrist?

It isn't Barak Obama. I use to think that until... I read the Bible for the REAL answers. No one right now knows until someone goes to Israel and starts giving the Jews money (MORE)
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How many antichrists were there?

In 1 John 2 it states that "many antichrists" have already come, and we don't know how many. But he states that THE antichrist is to come, which Paul confirms as that "man of (MORE)