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What has an anticodon region?

Anticodons are a sequence of three adjacent nucleotides located on one end of transfer RNA. It bounds to the complementary coding triplet of nucleotides in messenger RNA durin (MORE)
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What is an anticodon loop?

 tRNA is involved in the translation of the nucleic acid message  into the amino acids of proteins. tRNA itself is an RNA molecule  with a conserved inverted L structure. (MORE)

Codon and anticodon?

A codon is a three-base sequence (three nitrogen bases in a row) on mRNA. It calls for a specific amino acid to be brought to the growing polypeptide.      An anticod (MORE)
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What are the anticodons of aug?

It would be UAC. RNA does not use thymine. It replaces it with Uracil. So instead of TAC it will be UAC.
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What are codons and anticodons?

Codon = 3 amino acid sequence found on mRNA.  Anti codon = 3 amino acid sequence found on tRNA. The codons are for the traslation of mRNa to an amino acid sequence by using r (MORE)
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How does the anticodon function?

Anticodon on the tRNA base- pair with the codon on the mRNA and catalyses the elongation of the polypeptide chain in translation. Besides that, anticodon are specific and the (MORE)
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Where do anticodon exist?

  During protein synthesis, where DNA is "read" to produce a given protein (which is just a strand of amino acids), a codon is a three nucleotide sequence on mRNA that cod (MORE)
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What is the anticodon of GCA?

The anticodon of GCA ia CGU. The anticodon is the sequence of  nucleotides on transfer RNA that matches with and transiently binds  to the codons on the mRNA during protein (MORE)